An Adventure Seekers Guide on Where to Kayak Near Lake Lanier

An Adventure Seekers Guide on Where to Kayak Near Lake Lanier

Where to Kayak near Lake Lanier

Kayaking is a fun outdoor activity loved by millions of people worldwide. Around 77% of Americans consider water sports a significant part of their lives.

However, kayaking is arguably the most in-demand and worthwhile of the lot.

There are plenty of postcard lakes and bodies of water littering the nation. But with its surrounding woodlands and beautiful scenery, Lake Lanier is the pick of the lot.

A trip to the Peach States natural gem is a bucket list experience for any outdoor enthusiast. Yet if you want to make the most of your venture, you must learn where to kayak in the area.

So read on if you want an unforgettable day on the water in Lake Lanier!

Lake Lanier Olympic Park

The only place to begin is with Lake Lanier Olympic Park. It hosted the 1996 Olympic Games, where over 10,000 athletes competed from 197 nations. There were many water sports, such as swimming, rowing, paddling, and water polo.

Today, you can still find the same upbeat spirit from almost 30 years ago. There are several food trucks, beaches, and picnic areas where people can relax on dry land.

There are plenty of spots to dock your kayak. And once you are on the water, you can glide along the peaceful setting and watch the sun drop beneath the hills.

Don Carter State Park

Georgia is only the 24th biggest state in the country. Therefore, it is surprising that it is the homeplace of so many state parks.

Don Carter State Park is one of 63 state parks and one of the best Lake Lanier kayaking spots. The only state park here sits north of the lake, and you can reach it in under 20 minutes from Gainesville.

The region is a paradise for nature lovers. If you wish to relax, you can do so in the expansive green spaces while reading a book. Or, if you fancy something more thrilling, explore the hiking trails, rent a boat, or camp under the stars.

You will never get bored here, no matter how much you return!

Margaritaville at Lanier Islands Water Park

Although the 1500-acre resort is a lively setting, it has a carefree and vacation feel. It is the perfect place for a weekend getaway with friends or family. The facilities are suitable for kids, senior citizens, or anyone in-between.

Many know the park for its year-round outdoor sports. In winter, the region has an average daily low temperature of 35°F.

Therefore people travel here to experience snow tubing and ice skating.

Nevertheless, summer is the peak season for visitors. That is the perfect time to try kayaking near Lake Lanier and soak up the sun’s rays.

Aqua Sports Adventures

If you want to experience Lake Lanier kayaking above all else, look no further than Aqua Sports Adventures. It is a dedicated boat rental company that caters to everyone, no matter if you are a beginner or a veteran. 

The firm is in Holiday Marina, sandwiched between Lake Lanier and the woods of Lake Forest. So the venture out here is a scenic one. And it puts you in the spirit of exploring nature.

The reasonably priced service is open from 9 am to 5 pm during the week. The company stays active longer on Fridays and weekends, from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm. 

Experienced water enthusiasts run Aqua Sports Adventures. Therefore, you can learn several kayaking tips while you are here and use them in the future.

The Old Federal Beach

Old Federal Beach lies on the east side of Lake Lanier. The area is easily accessible by car from Flowery Branch, which is only three miles south.

Locals flock the Old Federal Beach in the warm spring and summer months. The stunning views and the range of amenities make it one of the most convenient spots to enjoy the lake. 

There are beaches, picnic tables, grills, sports facilities, and plenty of space to snap up a slice of heaven. But most importantly, there are a couple of boat ramps to get your own or rented kayak into the lake.

Fletcher’s Paddle Shack

Fletcher’s Paddle Shack is a popular kayaking destination for beginners and families. The marina is on the west side of the lake and is further from the busy vacation spots. That gives first-timers more space to learn how to master kayaking.

Many types of water equipment are available to rent, such as canoes, kayaks, and pontoons. Once you select your favorite item, it is only a short walk to the small yet pretty Charleston Park launch ramp.

The dog-friendly space may lack in size, but it has everything you need for a terrific day out.

Tidwell Park

Tidewell is also on the less busy west side of Lake Lanier. It is considered a bit of a hidden gem as it is off the beaten track and flies below the radar with tourists.

You can bring your kayak and enter the Young Deer Creek waters at the Tidwell Park Boat Ramp. You can also find a few boat rental services nearby, the closest being Bait Shack Watersports.

If you enjoy fishing in your spare time, you are in luck. Tidwell Park is a popular location for anglers looking for delicious bream and bass. 

It is also possibly the best area along the lake to witness sunrise and sunset. So, don’t forget your fishing line and fully charge your camera before you set off on your adventure.

You Know Where to Kayak Near Lake Lanier

If it’s your first or hundred and first kayaking trip, Lake Lanier is an unforgettable venture. It is home to some of Georgia’s finest natural wonders and activities for all the family, no matter how old.

The only downside to taking a trip here is deciding where to kayak near Lake Lanier. That’s because there are countless locations in the area.

After reading our guide, you learned the best places for kayaking. So, all that is left is to plan your trip and contact us today if you need more info about the area!

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